3 Signs That Relational Discipleship is Working

So you are spending that one-on-one time with your disciple and wondering “Is it working?”

Here are three goals or fruit in relational discipleship:

1. There is an awakened spiritual hunger in the disciple.

Has your disciple expressed their own desire in wanting more of God in their own life? Are they asking questions about their walk with God?

We know discipleship is happening when there is spiritual hunger. This is a work of grace. We can’t program it.

We can only model a life of righteousness that they would want too. We pray and travail that Christ be formed in them and leave the timing to the work of grace in their lives.

2. The disciple takes personal ownership of their spiritual walk with God.

Spiritual hunger will cause you to take personal ownership of your walk with God. A hungry person takes the initiative to look for food. Spiritual hunger works the same way.

They will look for resources, ask questions, attend classes and so on. When you see these signs, guide them to resources that will meet their hunger.

In other words, guide their learning rather than spoon-feed them.

3. The discipleship relationship reproduces itself.

They will begin doing for others what you have done for them. They will invest their time in others to help them in their walk with God, just like you did for them. This will happen naturally because the by-product of relational discipleship is a lifestyle.

Be Patient

Relational discipleship takes time. Be patient in the journey.

Remember that this is a work of the Spirit. We are only there to facilitate the process.

God has the final say on the time clock, all we do is cooperate with the working of the Spirit in the disciple’s life.

Don’t be weary in well doing, in due time you will see the fruit of your labour!

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