Empower volunteers to serve

Manage volunteers, coordinate service teams and schedule services effortlessly.

Serving Features

Volunteer scheduling

Schedule volunteers according to their assigned team roles.

Calendar syncing

Volunteers can sync their serving schedule with their Google calendar so they will never miss a date.

Upload service plans or files for teams

Keep your teams and ministries in sync by uploading order of services or any files that the team will need for a service or event.

Can't Serve dates, substitute or trade requests

Volunteers can take ownership of their serving by inputting their Can't Serve dates, so they can be scheduled according to their specified preferences. Trade or substitute requests can be made if they are not able to serve due to an emergency.

Serving Report

Create custom debrief reports for the different departments and service teams.

Check your schedule on the go - mobile app

With the ACTS mobile app, volunteers can easily check and get reminders on their service dates.

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