How ACTS Transformed Church Management for Pentecostals of Sydney

We’re excited to shine the spotlight on Greg Hackathorn, Church Administrator of the Pentecostals of Sydney and his experience using ACTS.

Greg struggled to find a system that met his church’s unique needs until he discovered ACTS. Over the last 4 years, ACTS has enabled him to streamline communication, track guest processes, small group operations, spiritual health reports and more.

During our interview with him, Greg emphasized the importance of a church management system for all churches, regardless of size. He recommends ACTS as an excellent option, especially for apostolic churches, as ACTS is developed by Apostolics for Apostolics with a strong emphasis on discipleship.

Every church, regardless of its size, should be using a church management system, and ACTS is an excellent option for apostolic churches. It has been developed for Apostolics by Apostolics, making it an ideal choice for churches that prioritise discipleship.”

If you’re struggling to find a church management system that meets your church’s unique needs, consider ACTS. It’s the perfect solution for churches that are looking to prioritize discipleship, no matter their size or location. With ACTS, you can streamline your operations, track your church’s growth, and empower your members to become disciple-makers.

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