Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Bible Studies Courses and Spiritual Development Courses?

Both the Bible Studies and Spiritual Development features allow you to create courses and report on them.

This is how you can decide on where to create these courses.

For Bible Studies, create courses here that has to do with a new convert and guests. In other words, these are for courses with a more one-on-one focus, usually done at the beginning of a believer's journey, leading someone to truth and salvation. Guests are usually the ones who are the students in these courses. However, members are also allowed to be students for example for those who grow up in the church and eventually come to a place of understanding and want to undergo a foundational Bible Study course as well.

Spiritual Development courses on the other hand are courses created for Members within the church. These are discipleship classes to equip members as they grow in maturity. These classes are focused on a group of students rather than one-on-one. Members are usually the students of the group even though Guests can also be a part of these classes. 

What is the difference between Connect Groups, Caring Groups and Spiritual Development Group Classes?

All these 3 functions allow you to create different types of groups and track the different activities the member of these groups are involved in.


These groups are event based. These groups allow both members and guests to be included in these groups. Connect Groups are usually used as a platform to build bonds within members and to connect guests to the church community in non-intimidating ways. A Connect Group can be viewed as an interest group, for example, Hiking Group, Baking Group, Craft Group etc. 

The reports for Connect Group events are mainly attendance based. Customised reports can be created by adding text fields like 'Brief Description' if you will like to add this into the the Connect Group report.


This is used for the creation of care/cell groups. This is used as a platform for discipleship and outreach and is a powerful tool if your church is at a place where Care Groups are the main structure in which your church is run.

By creating Care Groups, Care Group Leaders have the autonomy to be able to create Care Group events related to their own Care Group and report on them. 

Attendance for Church Events created in the system can also be submitted through Care Group Leaders. The system allows each Care Group Leader to be responsible for their own Care Group and to keep track of their group's attendance at every Church Event.

On top of group reports, Care Group Leaders can also submit reports on meet-ups/counselling/bible studies that they are doing one-on-one with their members out of group time.


These are discipleship classes catered to members only. Only members can be assigned as students in these classes. 

The teacher will be able to submit attendance reports for every lesson and this data will be stored in the system to ultimately give an overview of the classes attended by the student throughout their spiritual journey.

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