Four Components to Holistic Church Management

ACTS focuses on a holistic management approach to church membership management.
Beyond calculating attendance numbers, ACTS helps you as a leader to know the health of each member and shows you how you can harness the unique God-given talents in each individual to grow them as disciples of Christ.

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Basic Features

Unlocking the Bible

Bible studies remain one of the most effective tools of true conversion. Guide a new believer through the word of God by using Unlocking the Bible. A subject is only as interesting as the teacher. The system ensures teachers are trained and equipped to teach for transformation. Students on the other hand are given focused care with a reporting system that focuses the teacher on student-based learning.

Course Library

Discover curricula for all seasons and stages of spiritual growth. Use these curricula in your discipleship classes. Not only are materials provided but teacher training is also provided.

Spiritual Development

Keep track of discipleship classes each member has attended or taught. Attendance is recorded and reports are submitted by teachers on every lesson taught.


Schedule your volunteers for events and services. Each member can view their schedule through their member's account. Members can also indicate dates when they are unavailable to serve or request for a replacement in the case of emergencies.


Small groups are organic and dynamic. This system allows the flexibility of every small group to create their own unique journey of discipleship for individual members and for the group as a whole. Small group leaders can submit reports easily and analyze their group's spiritual health through the system. Zone Servants and Pastors are able to provide oversight through the system so that every group and small group leader gets the mentoring it needs.


Track offline and online giving through all in one place. Members can give through and PayPal at the same time reflecting the records in ACTS. DBS PayNow is currently in the works. Customize multiple giving fields to categorize your member's giving.

Add-Ons Features

Form Builder

Create online forms to gather feedback or aid event registration. Data can be exported into various formats to enable analysis and record keeping.

Spiritual Assessment

Self-assessment is one of the most powerful tools to gain self-awareness. Create unique assessments for members and save every record to a member profile. Watch the growth and maturity of your member as you see the assessment results change over time.


This system of accountablity provides a reporting system for Care Group Leaders. From group activities, outreach, one-on-one and discipleship claasses, reporting can all be done easily and on the go.

The system is also able to give an overview of each Care Group's health and activities using the data submitted through the reports.

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