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Success is a deadly trap

There is so much on the shoulders of Pastors today. Their job description is an endless list: A Spiritual leader A Shepherd of the flock A Visionary A Strategist A Bible Teacher A Business Manager An Accountant A Financial Advisor An Office Manager A Counsellor …and the list goes on… The pressure is real. With… Continue reading

You Need A Discipleship Track

Upcoming Webinar with Pastor Timothy Lee: Developing a Discipleship Track! While relational discipleship is disciple-focused, it doesn’t mean it is disciple-led. In building a relationship with the disciple, we earn an influence over their lives. What is the purpose of this influence? It is so that we can lead them in growing in the Lord… Continue reading

3 Reasons Why Relational Discipleship is Scary

Yep, you read that right. Scary. Relational discipleship can be scary and here is why. 1. We lose control. Since relational discipleship is dependent on the disciple, there is no fixed timeline. We cannot determine the point of maturity, when crisis occur, or the choices people make. They start off on the right path, but… Continue reading