Your Church Is Alive, But Is It Healthy?

In today’s world, growth is often prioritized above all else, be it in personal achievements, businesses, or churches. However, true growth is not just about numbers; it reflects overall health. Just as being alive doesn’t guarantee good health, a church’s existence doesn’t ensure its vitality. To flourish and fulfil its purpose, a church must prioritize… Continue reading

Church Management System

How ACTS Transformed Church Management for Pentecostals of Sydney

We’re excited to shine the spotlight on Greg Hackathorn, Church Administrator of the Pentecostals of Sydney and his experience using ACTS. Greg struggled to find a system that met his church’s unique needs until he discovered ACTS. Over the last 4 years, ACTS has enabled him to streamline communication, track guest processes, small group operations,… Continue reading

Child Neglect in the Local Church

If you are a parent, you will know how thrilling and tiring having a newborn is. From the first moment you lay eyes on them, you are in awe of this new life. You do all you can to make sure the baby is safe and comfortable. The thought of leaving a newborn baby to… Continue reading