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Add Members and Guests to a Care Group

Go to Shepherding on the left tab and click on Care Groups.

Click on name of the Care Group you will like to add members or guests to.

1. Add Member

  • Click on the Member tab
  • Click on Add Member
  • Type in name of Member you will like to add and select the role this member has in the Care Group.
  • Leaders and Assistant Leaders will be able to submit reports.

Ad-hoc members are those who are not regular attendees, their numbers will not be counted in the attendance statistics.

2. Add Guest

  • Click on the Guest tab
  • Click on Add Guest
  • Type in name of Guest you will like to add to the group. Please note that it must be a Guest already with an existing Guest profile in the system.

3. View Care Group Statistics

  • Click on the Overview tab
  • Use the filters to determine the statistics you will like to see
  • Click on See More to see more details.

You can also add Members and Guests through Clusters and Zones. Click on Clusters or Zones on the left panel. Click on the name of the Cluster or Zone and follow steps 1-3 to add members or guests.

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