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Manage Discipleship Classes

Go to Education on the left panel. Click on Discipleship Classes and then Classes.

  1. Click on the filters to see Active, Completed and Archived Courses. Click on filter to customise the search. Once the last report of the Class has been submitted by the Teacher, the class will automatically be shifted to Completed.
  2. Check the checkbox next to the name of the Class you will like to manage.
  3. See options on the top bar.
  • Click on Edit to make changes to the details of the class.
  • Click on the man icon with the plus sign to assign students to this course.
  • Click on the man icon with the minus sign to remove students from this course.
  • Click on Reporting Form to customise the lesson reports for this course.
  • Click on Evaluation Form to customise the feedback forms that will be sent out to students to get anonymous feedback.
  • Click on Send Evaluation to manually trigger Evaluation Forms to be sent to Students from that selected class.
  • Click on Reminder to choose between sending an SMS or Email to the students of the class selected.
  • Click on Archive to deactivate this Class. This means that it will not show up for selection anywhere in the system. Past records will still be saved in the system.
  • Click on Delete to remove this Class completely from the system. If Students and Teachers are assigned to this course, you will not be able to delete it, you can only Archive it.

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