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Customise Evaluation Form for Discipleship Classes

Evaluation Forms are forms sent to students at the end of a Completed Discipleship Classes to gather feedback from the student about the course and the teacher. This feedback is given anonymously.

Go to Education on the left panel. Click on Discipleship Classes and then Classes.

Check the checkbox next to the name of the Course you will like to customise an Evaluation Form for.

  • Form Settings
  1. Form Submission Instructions is a text field for you to indicate instructions for the person filling up the form
  2. Thank you message allows you to customise the message sent to the user after a successful submission
  3. Turn on the switch to activate these Evaluation Forms to be sent out to Students once a Discipleship Classes is completed. By default, this is turned off.
  • Toggle the Teacher Evaluation and Class Evaluation to customise forms.
  1. Teacher Evaluation Forms are questions specifically targeted to getting feedback about the teacher. Class Evaluation Forms are question specifically targeted at getting feedback about the course itself. By default, both evaluation forms have already been set-up.
  2. To add on more fields, select the field type and type in the field details.
  3. Click on the 3 dots at the right-hand corner to make changes to fields you have already created.

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