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Purchase Teacher Training Courses Part One

Teacher Training Courses are our in-house curriculum available for purchase. When you purchase a Teacher Training Course, you are really investing in disciples so that they can go and make disciples. These Teacher Training Courses are designed to train the teacher or disciple-maker to then go and teach others what they have been equipped to do.

When a Teacher Training Course is purchased for a Member, the member will have access to Teacher Training videos on how to teach the curriculum purchased. Upon completing some simple quiz questions, Teachers and Student Notes will be made available for download.

Please also note that Members who completed Teacher Training Courses will be seen in the system as qualified teachers for this course. This will also be reflected in Discipleship Classes and Home Bible Studies features in the system.

Teacher Training Course purchases can only be made through Church Admin accounts.

Go to the Teacher Training tab on the left and then click on Course Library.

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