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Approve Guest Profiles

Go to the Guests tab on the left panel.

Only Plus and Pro users will see an additional tab ‘Waiting for Approval.’

Guest profiles are created in the system through these additional avenues under the Platinum plan:

  • Form Builder > Online Registration Forms.
  • Shepherding > Shepherding Group Reports. Shepherding Leaders can add Guest names to their reports.

Guest profiles created through the avenues above here require Admin approval before they can be added to the Contacts Directory.

  1. Check the check-box next to the Guest name you will like to approve.
  2. Click on view to see the details of this Guest
  3. Click on Approve to save this profile to the Contacts Directory. The system will also prompt you for possible duplicate profiles just in case this Guest profile already exists in the system. If it does, simply follow the steps to merge the profiles together and select which profile you will like to keep.
  4. Click on Disapprove

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