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Set-up Service Presets

Service Presets is a way of putting together a template for Service Teams and Roles for a particular type of event. These templates help you remember what teams and roles are involved in this event and ensures that you don’t miss anything out.

Go to the Serving tab on the left panel and click on Schedule.

Click on the Actions button and click on Service Preset.

Click on Add Preset.

  • Type in the name of this preset
  • Click the down arrow to expand to see the roles for that Service Team
  • Check the check-boxes for the roles you will like to include in this preset and indicate the number of volunteers needed to fill these roles.
  • Click Update


Church Admin and Serving Admin can view all the Service Teams. Schedulers on the other hand will only see Service Teams they are schedulers for, letting them create presets only for Service Teams they are involved in.

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